EVGENI GAYDAROV-95 EOOD is a Bulgarian company with a long-term experience in the field of international transport and freight forwarding, transportation of normal, abnormal and dangerous loads across Europe. Our commitment to our partners is to ensure express and reliable transport services, to establish and develop subcontractor network.

ET EVGENI GAYDAROV-93 is the main subcontractor that holds specialized equipment allowing the transportation of varied loads with weight of up to 39t, height of up to 4,3m, and unlimited width. The entire rolling stock has CMR – insurances, third party liability insurances with EUR 26 000 000 cover and yearly permits for transportation of abnormal loads within the EU. In order to remain competitive and to satisfy customer needs, we renew and diversify our equipment on annual basis.

Our transport and freight forwarding team’s professionalism works in favour of our customers while being in full compliance with the statutory requirements.